The Coca-Cola Company

Diet Coke, Global Brand Revitalization, Packaging
In most countries outside the United States, Coca-Cola Light is the brand of Coca-Cola’s diet product.
To create a global branding system for the #1 diet soft drink in the world, we re-introduced the classic bell soda glass as a symbol that unifes the U.S. Diet Coke with the international Coca-Cola Light. The glass works in harmony with either name to reinforce the brand’s iconic, real cola                  
taste. The brand identity typography and graphics were updated to convey a happy, bubbly effervescence across the wordmark and secondary graphics.

We also updated the holiday carrier packaging and improved the communication of the brand’s core attributes – fun, excitement, great taste and confident – while retaining key equities.

BergmanCramer | Coca-Cola Company

BergmanCramer | Coca-Cola Company